Realizing the six goals of the Safely Home Campaign requires a community effort.

The Safely Home Campaign is a collaborative movement that will achieve its goals with the help of its partners. If your agency or organization supports the six goals of the Safely Home Campaign, please submit your name and contact information.

We will include your name in our list of partners on the Campaign’s website and sign you up for our newsletter unless you indicate otherwise.

We are seeking partners for the following:

  • to embrace the principles embodied in the six Campaign goals.
  • to become Safely Home Campaign social media ambassadors and share information through your networks.
  • to contribute to our blog (if you wish), writing on issues related to our Campaign goals and your organizational goals
  • contribute to our Resources where we share information on relevant subject areas
  • as needed or desired, create joint fact sheets / white papers on issues related to the Campaign goals and the partners' constituency
  • help us build out the "Youth Solutions" section of the Safely Home Campaign website

Become a Safely Home Campaign Partner

We rely on government and organizational partners to accomplish these goals and lead the way to improving outcomes for our most vulnerable and marginalized youth. The following agencies and organizations are partners of the Safely Home Campaign:


The Safely Home Campaign is a social justice movement led by Youth Advocate Programs (YAP) and focused on bringing and keeping young people safely home. Since 1975, YAP has partnered with youth, families and governments to provide families with the support they need to stay together and achieve stability. Our focus has been working with young people with the most complex needs in the behavioral health, child welfare and juvenile justice systems, YAP’s approach includes support for young people with complex needs and their families through our wraparound advocacy model and subsidized employment.

100% of our services take place in the homes and neighborhoods of the youth and families we work with.